Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 5: Beyond The Card {Growing in Unity}

Welcome to GIU Day 5 on my blog, the last day of Unity Stamp Company fun! (see my Day 1 post for the background on GIU) I've enjoyed reading your comments so don't stop now.  This post is your last day to leave a comment so that you may be entered in Unity Stamp giveaway. And, if you missed days 1-4, go back a few days and leave comments to increase your chance to win.

On my last GIU day, I will continue going beyond the card and beyond paper with my lovely Unity stamps.  On this home decor project I used the Insightful Meadows Unity stamp set by Donna Downey.  I simply stamped it on the fabric and used a some embroidery stitches to complete the project.

I really appreciate your blog visits and comments this week - thank so much.  Now that we've met I hope you will stay in touch.  You can subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel to keep up with my creative journey.

Thanks to Unity Stamps for sponsoring the GIU program and the blog prize!  I'll post the Unity stamp winner here on my blog this Saturday.

Enjoy the weekend!


    1. Wow! Stamped and stitched! It looks great. Thanks for all the "out of the box" ideas!

    2. This is really beautiful! If you hadn't told me, I never would have known that a stamp was involved. Great job!

    3. Very cool project! I love it!

      1. Hi Denise,

        Can you email me at so I can send you the details for claiming your prize.


    4. Very cool...I've been on a Donna Downey kick lately also.

    5. What a clever idea! I have really enjoyed seeing all your projects this week, thanks for the inspiration!

      Carol B

    6. I've really enjoyed seeing your style this week. I LOVE the embroidery. French knots are my favorite stitch----So versatile and easy, and of course cute!

    7. The ragged edge of the fabric was a nice touch. This is a very cute project.

    8. Wow, thanks for showing us such unique ways to use the unity stamps this week! LOVE the embroidery on this!

    9. This is very beautiful! I love it!